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Advanced LED Light Therapy Facial Mask

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Discover Your Skin’s True Glow

The SAN LUEUR Advanced LED Light Therapy Facial Mask is an at-home LED skin device that captures technology which was once reserved for in-office treatments. Highly effective and clinically approved blue, red, and near-infrared light wavelengths reach your skin at optimal depths to promote a clarified, smooth, and gloriously glowing complexion. Delivered through a soft, flexible, and travel-friendly facial mask made with premium silicone, this LED skin device is a convenient way to include clinical cosmetic technology in your skincare regimen.

The SAN LUEUR Advanced LED Light Therapy Facial Mask is the world’s first LED mask that delivers all three clinically approved wavelengths at the highest optimised energy output and irradiance possible for an at-home device.


The Science, Unmasked

LED (light emitting diode) skin devices utilise wavelengths of light, which are similar to the natural light we encounter daily. 

But not all LED skin devices are made equally. To be most effective, they need to emit light at specific wavelengths (measured in nanometres or ‘nm’) to send light beneath the outer surface of your skin and to target your skin at the correct depth. This helps reduce the appearance of skin concerns such as blemishes, acne, uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and loss of density. Clarity, plumpness, and luminosity can be expected from regularly utilising LED skin devices – in-office, and now, at home.

SAN LUEUR Advanced LED Light Therapy Facial Mask has 180 LED lights that emit 415nm of blue light, 633nm of red light, and 830nm of near-infrared light. These wavelengths do not fall within the spectrum of UV light, they are clinically approved, have been researched in published studies, and are considered efficacious for triggering improvements to the appearance of your skin.

Irradiance (intensity of the light) is also an important consideration for LED skin devices. Too little, and the device won’t provide adequate results. Too much, and your skin health may be compromised. SAN LUEUR Advanced LED Light Therapy Facial Mask features the highest energy output possible for an out-home device - 50mW/cm2. This level of irradiance is paired with optimal wavelengths, making our mask highly effective without compromising on safety. 


Blue LED light (415nm) targets the epidermis layer of your skin, where oil is produced and blemishes or acne may form. This LED light is associated with reducing the appearance of blemishes or acne spots, and prompting a clearer-looking complexion.

Red LED light (633nm) targets the dermis layer of your skin and is primarily used for increasing blood circulation and reducing the appearance of redness and hyperpigmentation while revitalising the appearance of your skin's texture and prompting glowing, radiant skin.

Near-infrared light (830nm) targets the subcutaneous layer of your skin, which is comprised of fat cells and connective tissue - it tends to lose its density over the years. This LED light is associated with stimulating the formation of collagen and elastin, revitalising the look of your skin’s overall tone and texture, minimising the look of pores, fine lines and wrinkles while encouraging plumpness, smoothness, and radiance. 

For best results, we recommend using the SAN LUEUR Advanced LED Light Therapy Facial Mask on the dual red and near-infrared lights for a full 10-minute treatment, three to four days per week, for four weeks. Following this period, you may use it one to five times per week to maintain results. 

For those with acne, use the blue LED light for 10 minutes, followed by the dual red and near-infrared lights for 10 minutes. Use two to four times per week for a period of six weeks. Once this initial series is complete, use the blue light only at the earliest sign of a breakout. 

It is safe, comfortable, non-invasive, painless, and requires no downtime. Please contact if you have any questions about your suitability for this product.